Bot Sprint
The best way to validate your idea is to take it to your users. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the right features for an MVP of your bot and build multiple versions of it. We will help you validate them with your users and answer all your questions and more in just 5 days without you having to shell out a fortune.


Create a map of the product

  • Understand the business problem.
  • Define the MVP of the bot.
  • Identify all the systems that the bot needs to interact with.
  • Define the KPIs to measure the success of the bot.


Prepare an optimized solution

  • Come up with competing user flows by asking each participant to define the user journey.
  • Shortlist the user flows and build the conversational flow using our proprietary tool 'ACCORD'.


Build a realistic prototype of solution

  • Measure each KPIs defined.
  • Test each version of the bot with a small group of users.
  • Draw conclusions and capture action items.


Time to test the solution

  • Develop your realistic product prototype
  • Build the shortlisted user flows using our rapid bot builder platform 'MANDRAKE'.