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Botmage helps you quickly train bots in just a few days and enables your chatbots to evolve based on user interaction. Our platform enables you to train and scale your bot in a simple and intuitive fashion.

Our platform works seamlessly and is fully compatible with NLP engines such as, DialogFlow, Microsoft's LUIS, IBM Watson, giving you the flexibility to choose any.


Deliver personal communication at scale, anywhere, anytime.


Automate your insurance claims process and make it convenient to your customers.


Our digital concierge chatbot engages better with guests 24 x 7 and gives you insights for greater personalization.


Provide a conversational platform to engage with your customers. Use our predictive analytics engine to cross sell.

Our technology


A next generation chatbot platform that can be used to build chat based interfaces for business systems/processes.

Example: A guest could ask a hotel things like "How long do you serve breakfast?", "Can you send 4 bottles of water to my room”.


A predictive analytics platform that tries to predict events based on past information and hence improve the efficiency.

Example: You are working late in office. The platform automatically detects this based on the fact that you have not swiped out for the day and offers to book a cab for you.

Case study

Digital Concierge Desk – Is our solution for the Hotel industry to engage with their guests right from the time they make their reservations till the time they check out and beyond.

One of Digital Concierge desk feature is deliver hotel reservation confirmation to guests over messaging platforms like FB messenger, telegram, arrival Confirmation and airport transfer booking.

And Precog our AI platform will automatically trigger a notification to the guest on the day before arrival asking the guest for arrival confirmation and arrival timings.

If the guest has not booked airport pickup then precog will ask the guest if he would like to book airport pick up. If the guest requests for airport pick up then precog will book the airport transfer and sends the details to the guest.

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